Advantages of Mobile Apps over Mobile Sites

imagesThis is a question that gets thrown around a lot among tech geeks. Undoubtedly we have entered a new golden age of technology. Almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone these days and our lives are centered around the internet now. We communicate with our friends, co-workers and acquaintances via social platforms and apps. As more and more businesses have contemplated expanding into the app market to capture more audience, what are some of the advantages of a mobile app over a mobile site? Are mobile apps a better channel to promote a business? Let me break down the debate for you here.

First, an app is more accessible than a website to most mobile users. You can find every information and make inquiries in split seconds with just one click. It virtually becomes a tool that people rely on. It helps engage your audience much better with higher efficiency and accessibility. This helps converting your audience into actual sales. The easier it is for your users, the better return of investments you are going to get. As opposed to a website where user has to type in an address in the search browser and takes a much longer time to locate the necessary information, an app can do it all with just a few simple tabs and functions.

Secondly, there are great platforms for you to promote your app these days. The Apple and Android app store provide a wonderful platform for companies to showcase their apps, which helps your company get noticed much easier. Given, you would need to create a killer app like the recently launched Android app manager to get noticed, but a platform like this will certainly do a lot of businesses good. This is especially true if you are in a business that is particularly app-friendly, such as taxi rental services like Uber. The app platforms, nonetheless, give audience the opportunity to generate feedback and exchange information. All the app information are also visible on the platforms where audience can see how many times the app has been downloaded. Companies can play this to their advantage a lot of times and boost their apps. For websites to capture attention from audience, you need online marketing efforts such as PPC and SEO and the results might not be as apparent and immediate as a good app.

Above are just some advantages of mobiles apps over mobile websites. But remember, this is not to say that websites are not important anymore. It all depends on the industry and an excellent, easy-to-negative website always give your audience an impeccable first impression. Business owners, marketers and developers should create a holistic, comprehensive approach to capture audience through both online and offline channels.