Tips on building a company website to boost traffic

With the rise of the internet, large-scale enterprises and small businesses alike put up their websites to promote their products and services in a bid to tap the potential of the digital world.  A properly built company website can serve multiple purposes including providing useful information about the company and its leadership, the company’s mission, brand and product information as well as service commitment. In short, a corporate website represents the company. As online marketing gaining wide popularity, corporate website has the added function of attracting potential customers if it is designed in such a way to achieve that goal.

In order to achieve the goal of increasing leads, a company needs to build a website that is SEO-friendly with a high online visibility, i.e. ensuring that the company website is easily searchable in search engines. This is easier said than done. The process of creating an SEO-friendly company website entails meticulous research, careful design and constant monitoring in order to achieve the best results. To maximize organic search traffic to boost leads and sales, a properly organized website structure and uniquely created content are necessary. A properly organized web structure means that the website should be built in such a way that is logical and easily understandable to make it simple to browse from page to page. Also, website URLs should be properly structured to include words or phrases to give visitors an idea what each page is about. By doing so, it helps ensure maximum search engine visibility and increase the chances of attracting greater visitor flow to the site.

In addition to proper site structure, a nicely designed company website should contain uniquely created content to give useful information about the products or services that the company offers to its customers. The content should also help visitors understand the products or services at a glance without burdening them with excessive details. The design and layout of website content should enhance viewing experience and minimize duplicate content. While high-quality graphics may enhance the aesthetic aspect of a website, one should keep in mind that overuse of high-resolution graphics may increase the load time of a site, which might hinder navigation and discourage viewing given the generally short attention span of internet users.

Other tactics to boost website traffic include linking your company website with social media platform to allow sharing of reviews and information of new products, ensuring website security, offering and refining internal search function and connecting the site to other authoritative websites.

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