Sustainable Development Is A Better Way In

As with the technology and development the country need to be developed with causing any harm to the environment. They should uphold the sustainable expansion that encounters the wants of current without cooperating the capability of future groups to meet their own requirements. As the Rio declaration states this should be achievable by constituting environmental protection as an integral part of the development process without in isolation. They should establish policies and measurements to protect the climate system against human induced changes. In Sri Lanka this is governed by the Central Environmental Authority and they have the power to utilize and exploit natural resources without endangering.

With the new projects and programs made for the environment department would be the policies such preventive of pollution and their aim should bento enhance the quality of the environment. The IFC Commercial Leasing will disclose any environmental or social impact assessment indicating accurate information to the stakeholders for admiralty office rental. It will provide information and public awareness in relation to these assessments. The project managers will carry out researching regarding the certain areas of the environment it may be relevant to phosphate reserves which is a natural resource that shouldn’t be exploited since it would deplete and exhaust the phosphate thus we will have to import for its own use. Sustainability couldn’t be achieved by just being quiet but ensuring that we don’t exploit at the detriment of the future generations the finite resources we have left with.

If we are more focused on farmers and small businesses related to environment through the office lease central will provide the financial resources to grow the development in tourism and agricultural development. This will support the economy of the country and through these environment projects the farmers and business partners will have the resources to exploit to develop a good future for the generations and support the agricultural sector to boost their business. This will promote the innovation and the job market will provide new job opportunities and this will support the small businesses for their emerging projects ahead.

In this way it promotes the sustainable development through social and environmental practices with the transparency that will give a positive impact. In this way it’ll reduce the risk of pollution and or any damages to the public through these projects and they will be able to exploit natural resources without leaving a detrimental impact for the future generations since they are assessed by responsible authorities. This will guide to approach risk management and will uphold the sustainable development of environment as well as in social.

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