Why Law And Order Is Necessary

Why Law And Order Is Necessary

A world without law would be chaos. In historic times law didn’t exist. When there’s no law people were killed, things were stolen and when society evolved they started creating different methods of protecting people’s rights. The law of the land was able to keep the people in check but it did not create a solution for personal problems and quarrel. This was decided through trial by combat. This means the accused and accuser had to fight each other for a solution. This was a failure because usually the stronger party won which left the weaker party at a disadvantage even though the weaker party was innocent.

When laws were created, instead of the parties fighting each other they had their representatives fight for them. This fight wasn’t physical but verbal where each representative had to prove the innocence or guilt of the parties. This was how lawyers became a large part of the law.

Before lawyers, there were judges who would usually listen to the parties and judge depending on the situation. The only problem with the issue was that the judge looks at the situation one sided unlike a lawyer who could provide all required information. Even though it was a step up from how it all used to be it wasn’t a perfect system. At the time, unlike today where the guilty party was jailed, pay compensation or get a community service order, the guilty party was either killed or sent to jail which was in very bad condition.

Today most people are born into a world that is guided by law therefore it is part of them and everything they do. Similarly today there are various fields of law. There are lawyers for every matter including money laundering Hong Kong http://www.mcs.com.hk/money-laundering/, corporate lawyer, criminal lawyer, intellectual property lawyer etc.

The law is also divided into civil and criminal law. Criminal law is primarily connected with wrongdoing that is punished. Depending on the crime the wrongdoer would be either sent to prison or do community service. Criminal law is a vast field that deals with theft, burglary, fraud and murder to name a few.

In comparison civil law is there to cover issues that aren’t crimes that can physically hurt a person or cause a person to get hurt. Even if a person is hurt, it is usually unintentional. As an example if a person knocks someone down by driving, the person can who was knock down can sue the driver which makes it a civil case but if the driver was drunk it becomes criminal because the driver was doing something forbidden by law thereby an illegal activity.

Law and order is important for our well-being and it guides us to the right path. As time passes law changes and adapts to suit the needs of the people. This is the nature of the law to protect the interest of everyone, even the minority.

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