Movie Sets

Being on a movie set is a weird and wonderful experience, you get to witness your favourite production come to life and watch how it is made. If you always dreamed of wondering how movies are made then movie sets should be a dream for you to be on. If you are on the other side of the camera then movie sets to you is probably like any other office to a corporate worker, you feel you are not there to have fun but to work, an actor feels like it’s just like any other job where it has its ups and it has its downs in the industry.

Whether you are making for snow for movies or are the lead actor in the production, never think that you are the director of the movie and listen to what you are being told. There is nothing worse than for a director to constantly feel like you trying to take control of their movie and assuming like you are the leader and above the law of the movie. Take advice politely and try to follow orders as accurate as possible, regardless of how ridiculous there are. If you are uncertain of what to do then ask questions, you don’t want to be that guy that feels like they have no idea what they are doing but try to do the job anyways. Never touch gear without permission, if you are qualified or not another person’s gear should be off limits to you until they give you permission to use it, remember it is not your responsibility and chances are that gear costs a fortune so you are liable to any damages that may occur to it.

If you are making snow for movies or just an extra never break the chain of command. In most movies sets there is a chain of command and the process of the productions runs so much smoother if it is not broken and avoids miscommunication between anyone involved in the movie. The main thing for movie making is that everyone needs to work well together, they don’t necessarily have to like each but they should at least co-operate in a professional and respectful manner, check more here of the awesome snow for production. Never take for granted the relationship between your boss and yourself, always remember that he is not your friend and that he is your boss, so there should be no time to make buddies with him, always maintain a professional relationship.