What Is Continuing Professional Development?

One of the hallmarks of being identified as a professional is to continue to learn throughout a career. The professionals broadly defined, now cover over 20 per cent of the work force – more if the managers are included – and most are employed in large companies or the public sector. They range from the well-established and the powerful to those who are still trying to establish their professional status. The strongest are those of over 80 professions regulated by law, public authority and royal charter, where membership become the phrase widely used for on-going education and training for the professions, whilst ‘workforce development’ is the more general term. If teaching is seen as a profession – and a case for this has long been argues – an important characteristic of a professional is the commitment he/she shows towards improving one’s self and aim towards personal and professional development. The prime responsibility for securing individual and professional development opportunities must be available for all individuals to help them become better practitioners in their chosen field.

But what do we mean by the term CPD in Hong Kong and is it different from personal development or staff development or in-service education and training? On a generic note, continuing professional development includes formal as well as informal learning that helps individuals to become experts in their chosen field. Professional development is a subset of personal development and if and when possible they should be complementary to each other. The former is mainly about occupational role development, whereas personal development is about the development of the person, often the ‘whole’ person, and it almost always involves changes in self-awareness.

Continuing professional development is an on-going process building upon initial teacher training and induction, including CPD programs. At different times and at different stages one or other may be given priority, but the totality can be referred to as continuing professional development. Development – as noted earlier – is about improvement, both individual and school improvement.

Continuing professional development embraces those education, training and support activities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_development engaged in by teachers following their initial certification aims to build their professional knowledge; enhance their professional skills; help them gain professional values; and enable them to educate their pupils more effectively.

It is clear that long gone are the days when initial training and induction were seen as a total or final preparation for a career in teaching; nowadays they have to be seen as merely providing a platform on which further or continuing professional development will be built. Nevertheless, the initial period in teaching is crucial as the experience of the first year is most formative. There is therefore a need to set high expectations and standard when there is the greatest receptiveness and willingness to learn and develop.

Why Should A Parent Consider Enrolling Their Child In Kindergarten

Some parents consider enrolling their child in kindergarten as an additional expense. You must not think so. You must focus on the importance of doing so. Most children who do go to this school will live their lives to their fullest potential. You must think about the various benefits of doing so as carefully as you can. Do speak to various individuals in the area for more information. Here are some for you to ponder on:


You do not have to rush anything. You can focus on enrolling your child in international preschool in Hong Kong first. It will teach him a value or two about he or she must live. It will instill morals and help your child understand the world better. Do think about this factor carefully as you can. You might have to spend some time figuring out the school first. 


It is better for you to have your kid at the school than at home. It will teach the child new facts or key pieces of information. This will help your child fit in better when he or she attends primary school. You must enroll your child in a school that will place emphasis on having fun too. It must not always be about the books.  Your child must also understand his or her relevant routines, new vocabulary and learn to be independent too. 


Your child will learn to interact with other kids of his or her age. It will help them develop better interpersonal skills that will help him function better in the major league schools. You must seek for opportunities to enroll your student in a school of your choice. Some schools might even offer discounts on early admission. Think about the international kindergarten http://www.tutortime.com.hk/en/home/
 carefully as possible. 


It will build a strong sense of identity as well as self confidence in the child. Most schools focus on the developmental framework. This focuses on targeting skills and knowledge development in kids in order to help them become successful young adults. Do make sure that you ask a friend in the area as to which school the child was enrolled in. This will help you make a more informed decision too. It will then help you decide as to whether your child will fit into that school. Do make sure that you do scour blogs and sites for more information before you do enroll your child in a school. The school must cater to all the needs of your child first.

Signs Of A Great Chinese Language Teaching Institute

If you have the need to study Chinese well you need to be studying the language. This means you have to first find a good teacher for the job. Usually, it is always good to go with a reputable educational institute which is good at teaching the language. That way you know what kind of an educational experience you will get to witness as such an institution is often going to explain about their teaching method to you before you enroll in their classes.

Nevertheless, there are a number of language institutions which promise to help you learn Cantonese. This means you have to first choose the right institute where you should get your education from. The best among all the institutions is going to have some visible positive signs.

Great Teachers

The institution can have all the state of the art equipment, great classrooms, good curriculum, etc. and it can still be not good with teaching this language because the teachers are horrible. This can be seen at some language institutions which make it hard for the students studying at those places. The best institution is going to have great teachers who know what they are teaching as they have an extensive knowledge about the language which includes both theoretical and practical knowledge. They are fluent in the language too.

Well Thought Out Teaching Methods

Well thought out teaching methods is also one of the highlighted positive signs of such an institution. They are not only offering students the chance to attend classes in the traditional way. They are also ready to provide you with a private tutor for one on one classes, let you learn Chinese online and also provide you corporate training if these is the need.

Useful Curriculum

Having a curriculum is something most classes do. What sets the best language institution apart from the other ones is the nature of the curriculum. Usually, the best language institution has the best curriculum for each class as they have created them regarding the needs of the students who choose such a class.

Confidence to Allow You a Trial Class Opportunity

Most of the time you can only get an experience about what is the teaching of the class is going to be like when you enroll in that class. However, the best language institution is even ready to offer you a chance to experience what the teaching would be like with a free trial class. That shows how much confident they are of their teaching. Look for these signs to find the best institution.